The MM Adventure Story

Welcome to MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd.

Your gateway to a world of stunning beauty, the amazing wonders of nature experienced in its most natural state, your introduction to a magical part of the world filled with adventure and new unforgettable experiences to make awe-inspiring memories that will last a lifetime, just for you and your loved ones.

We welcome you to Malaysia, for a truly Asian experience, with its tantalizing and unique blend of many cultures creating a rare fusion so exquisitely blended to bring out the best of them all, and so rarely found in any part of the world.

How We Started

MM Adventure Services was incorporated on 16th May 1996 and registered by the Registrar of Malaysian Companies. MM Adventure Services was an adventure / eco-tour and an environmentally oriented group specializing in white water rafting, rope works, caving, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, & much more.

Our founder, Mr. Michael Manivannan, was an active member and co-founder of the Selangor Caving Club & Caving Association of Malaysia and his associates were very keen active members of the Selangor Caving Club & Caving Association of Malaysia with many expeditions in Malaysia, South East Asia and other countries to their credit.

Mr. Michael was involved in the adventure / outdoor activities and living nature sport for more than 20 years and he and his team were able and willing to share their expertise and experience with those who wished to participate in these activities for their mutual benefit and pleasure. The team includes professionals in cave explorations and management, trekking, forestry experts, botanist with wide experience in jungle work, natives living in the jungle and mountain environment and others who had been co-opted to provide the expertise to guide and help potential adventurers on individual or group expeditions or tours. Since its incorporation the Company had organized many excursions and tour packages to the complete satisfaction of its guests.

The team has led many expeditions, guided and assisted groups safely and hassle free on various adventure activities including mountain climbing, cave exploration, potholing, abseiling & rope works, camping, jungle trekking, jungle survival, canyoning, white water rafting and more, both in Malaysia and in the South East Asian region.

Where We Are Now

As of the 22nd of April 2013, we became a private limited company and changed our business name from MM Adventure Services to MM Adventure Travel and Discovery. We are licensed and registered with the Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism Malaysia and are also a member of the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA).

We are an officially certified, licensed, and insured company offering premium 5 star services with highly qualified and experienced employees and partners. We fulfill all the laws and guidelines set by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia and have a worldwide reputation for our high quality services and stringent safety measures, making our prices very competitive and “value for money” as compared to our peers in the industry.

It is said that, traveling enlightens life. Experiencing another culture enlarges one’s horizon and, therefore, travelling in Malaysia could be the nicest thing on earth. This is what we want to offer our guests. Let us give you an experience of a lifetime and make your holiday a memorable one with the best service we can offer in terms of your comfort and care and safety above all.

 "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time."