Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Accommodation

1. What kind of accommodation is used?
Accommodation varies with the trips and ranges from lodges and hut to tents and hotels. A large proportion of our travellers come as couple. Those that do will be put into private room, where rooms are available.

2. Are all hotel prices inclusive of all taxes and services charges?
Most hotel prices displayed on our site are nett. They are inclusive of all taxes and applicable service charges. However, some hotels, especially where payment is settled directly with the hotel, taxes and service charge may not be included and this condition will be remarked under price table.

3. Do we sleep in a tent?
Yes, only when we are bush walking / trekking in the Rainforest, such as in Taman Negara / Belum Rainforest or other related area, where everyone sleeps in a tent (2 or 3 pax per tent with mosquito net provided) while the guides sleep under another smaller tent. You will be provided a sleeping bag, ground mat to sleep on.

4. What kind of accommodation do you provide in Cameron Highlands?
We provide Strawberry Park Resort or Heritage Hotel only for our guest who book Cameron Highlands tours or any other tours includes Cameron Highlands.

5. What kind of accommodation do you provide in Taman Negara?
We provide Xcape Resort and Mutiara Taman Negara Resort only for our guest who book Taman Negara tours with a upgrade or any other tours includes Taman Negara.

FAQ on Languages

1. Do you provide English Speaking driver / guide for all Tours?
All tours are based on English speaking driver guide or driver.

2. Can we get a guide who speaks a language other than English for our tour?
Please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

FAQ on The Weather

1. In the case of bad weather, does the tour continue or can it be postponed to another day?
The element of risk is always there, so we do not promise anything on weather in Malaysia. Whether rain or shine the tour will still go on. You may have to miss certain activities on certain tours depending on the situation, but do note that it’s beyond our control.

The best time to travel in Malaysia will be between April to September. The weather is relatively stable most of the time, but do note that Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times.

Do check out our terms and conditions on force majure circumstances and cancellations of tours for more information.

FAQ on Price Discounts

1. Can we get further discount from the published price?
The price published in our website is rock bottom, all prices published in our website is NETT.

2. We are repeat customer, can get we get a discount?
The price published in our website is rock bottom, but we will try to work a special price for your group.

FAQ on Meals Provided

1. We have alergies to certain food types and / or have other food requirements. Is it possible to request food?
As long as you inform us in advance of your food / meals preferences, we will provide you with alternative meals and we will do our best (for Private Tour Only). All the meals that we serve will be fresh from the frying pan!

2. We require Jain food options, can you arrange all our meals as per our request?.
Jain food options are only avaliable at Little India in Kuala Lumpur and Little India in Penang.

FAQ on Tour Vehicles

1. How should I/my group get there from Singapore if I want to sign up?
Just let us know which trip/s (tours) you want to go with no of pax traveling, and we will guide you through. We can arrange all transfers ex. Kuala Lumpur to the starting point of the activities. We can also arrange transport from Singapore for a fee but it would be better if you get a group to go so as to keep the cost down.

2. How do we travel?
Again, depending on the type of tour, transport will vary according to the terrain and is part of the fun of the trip. It will range however, from van, buses to 4wd vehicles, sometime even in lorries and on foot. This variety provides excitement and interest and creates a more authentic experience.

3. Can you go around everybody's place in Kuala Lumpur to pick up everyone?
No, we prefer to pick up and drop off your group at one location, this will save a lot of time for us.

FAQ on Booking Tours

1. Would it be a problem if I wait until closer to the day to book?
Yes, you can book any tour with us in a short period of time (within 24 hours). For last minute bookings, we do not guarantee any seat/s. Booking as early as possible is an advantage, rather than disappointment for you and your group if there are no places available.

2. Can I book the tour without making the deposit payment?
No. In order for us to make the necessary arrangements for your booking, we will need to make payments in advance, for example when it comes to tickets at visit stops, the vehicle which will be used on tour and the hotels if they are needed.

If you don't make the deposit payment, we cannot make the necessary arrangements and will not be able to confirm the tour for you.

3. Can I call MM Adventure at the hotline number to check for availability of places or seats or dates?
No. We only accept bookings through forms on this website. If you would like to contact us, please drop us a message and we will get back to you though email.

4. What happens if I book a tour without making the deposit payment?
The booking will be ignored and automatically deleted from our servers.

5. Can I check for availability via email / e-form / telephone / online booking form for any tours?
No. Why you can't check for availability, as we need to collect your deposit and can't confirm the tour in real time is that, we need to get the room/s on your behalf for the travel dates for overland tours. Upon getting the confirmation from our supplier/s, we will use your deposit to pay our supplier/s. And for day tour we need to allocate a vehicle or seats for you or your group for your travel date/s, as we have limited vehicles each day for the tour/s we conduct. After this only will we be able to send you the confirmation.

6. What is SIC?
SIC means Sit in Coach and the tour will be joint group tour, meaning you will be with other tourist for the entire journey and tour. The tour is not privately guided. Guiding will only be basic.

7. What is Private Tour and can we customize the tour?
Only you or your group will be travelling on the said trip. Yes you can customize the tour according to your need and taste, but any changes in our publish itinerary in our website, additional charges apply.

8. Are the tours physically demanding?
It depends on the type tour or activities or trip you undertake. Some tours, such as treks and mountain climbing in Rainforest are a little more strenuous, however the vast majority of the trips are well within the capability of any healthy individual.

Other Questions

1. Am I allowed to pray while I am in the jungle?
Of course you can! You only have to advise us on your religious beliefs and requirements in advance.

2. Are MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd. a registered organization?
MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd. is registered with Registrar of Company in Malaysia (company registration no: 1043373-A). MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd. is licensed and registered with The Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism of Malaysia (License No: KPK/LN 7604). Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents or "Matta" (National Travel Association) Membeship No (MA4622)

3. I do not speak Malay. Will I have a problem?
All our guides understand and speak reasonably good English.

4. Do I need travel insurance?
Yes, it is compulsory that you have travel insurance for your trip. Please buy your own insurance before the trip. We do not provide travel insurance.

5. Is there an age limit?
We believe that we are all as young as we feel. Therefore all our trips are open to fit, healthy and adventurous individuals. You do not have to be super-fit, age is not important, it's the attitude that counts.

6.How much luggage can I take on tours?
Luggage is restricted to one large bag (average large size L (20") x H (32") x W (12") per pax) per passenger on all our trips and it is preferable to use a backpack. Also bring along a daypack to carry things you will need during the day.