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Frequently Ask Questions on Travel and Tours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FAQ regarding Tours and Trips in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia

Travel and Tour

Tour and Travel with MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd.

  • Can I check for availability via email / e-form / telephone / online booking form for any tours?
    The answer will be big NO. Even if you do by calling or via email, the answer you will get is that, "Sorry, we are fully booked"

    • Why you can't check for availability, as we need to collect your deposit and can't confirm the tour in real time is that, we need to get the room/s on your behalf for the travel dates for overland tours. Upon getting the confirmation from our supplier/s, we will use your deposit to pay our supplier/s. And for day tour we need to allocate a vehicle or seats for you or your group for your travel date/s, as we have limited vehicles each day for the tour/s we conduct. After this only will we be able to send you the confirmation.

  • Are the tours physically demanding?
    It depends on the type tour or activities or trip you undertake. Some tours, such as treks and mountain climbing in Rainforest are a little more strenuous, however the vast majority of the trips are well within the capability of any healthy individual.

  • What does the trip cost include?
    Depending on the area you visit and the type of trip you're on, most meals, entrance fees for sights, permits, transports, accommodations MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd. trip leaders and drivers, local and specialist guides where required, as detailed in each itinerary.

  • What is Private Tour and can we customize the tour?
    Only you or your group will be travelling on the said trip.

    Yes you can customize the tour according to your need and taste, but any changes in our publish itinerary in our website, additional charges apply.

    Note: Private tour / trip usually cost more then Joint Tour (Sit in Coach) and it's also depend on your group size, more participant you pay less and less participant you pay more, read more.......

  • What is SIC?
    SIC means Sit in Coach and the tour will be join tour, meaning you will be with other tourist for the entire journey and tour with you.

  • I want to ask about Tempurung Cave, some says Grand Tour will take 3 1/2 hours and some says 6 hours? Please advice?
    The time frame depends on the size of your group, usually it takes around 4 to 6 hours when we conduct the caving tour (educational and adventure) by our professional caver/s.
    3 1/2 hours of caving are conducted by local village guide.

  • Why use MMadventure, as your groud operator?
    Sometimes, it is easier and more convenient to work with a local ground operator based in Malaysia. But there are other circumstances in which working with us as your ground operator and guide/s is not only preferable, but necessary.

  • Is it possiable to see firefly any time including November?
    Yes, firefly can be seen year round, except while raining, usually after rain is the best time to see fireflies.....

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