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Frequently Ask Questions on Travel and Tours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FAQ regarding Transport use by


Transport use for Tour and Travel by MM Adventure Travel and Discovery Sdn. Bhd.

  • How should I/my group get there from Singapore if I want to sign up?
    Just let us know which trip/s (tours) you want to go with no of pax traveling, and we will guide you through. We can arrange all transfers ex. Kuala Lumpur to the starting point of the activities. We can also arrange transport from Singapore for a fee but it would be better if you get a group to go so as to keep the cost down.

  • How do we travel?
    Again, depending on the type of tour, transport will vary according to the terrain and is part of the fun of the trip. It will range however, from van, buses to 4wd vehicles, sometime even in lorries and on foot. This variety provides excitement and interest and creates a more authentic experience.

  • Can you go around everybody's place in Kuala Lumpur to pick up everyone?
    No, we prefer to pick up and drop off your group at one location, this will safe a lot of time for us.

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