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Frequently Ask Questions on Travel and Tours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FAQ regarding Weather in Malaysia


Weather in Malaysia

  • How has the weather been lately in Malaysia?
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Any country inline with Equator, will face plenty of rain and Malaysia is no exceptional from Rain / Humid / Sun and etc....
      and it will be best for you to check the weather with

  • Has it been raining in the evening?
    Hi There,

    Please check online
    weather station for further details, anything we (MM Adventure) say will go wrong.

  • I'm planning a rafting trip in Padas River somewhere in April, what's the condition of the water level and weather status at this moment?
    Water levels at Padas River depends on rainfall, please check online weather station for further details, we at mmadventure cannot be responsible as rain is unpredictable in the region.

  • In the case of bad weather, does the tour continue or can it be postponed to another day?
    Element of risk is always there, but we do not promise anything on weather in Malaysia. Whether rain or shine the tour will go on, whether you will miss out place/s, it’s beyond our control.

    Best time to travel in Malaysia will be from April to September, even then rain still falls, we have no control over it.

    The tour only will be cancelled (postponed) if the weather doesn't permit us to drive / flood / riot and/or similar to this situation, NO refund will be entertain after we have pick you or your group.

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