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Genting Highlands


Genting Highlands Tour

Genting Highlands Day Tour I Genting Highlands 2 Day Tour

Genting Highlands, amidst the freshness of cool, crisp mountain air about 6000 feet above sea level lies Malaysia's one and only Casino Resort

Stop at the Cable Car Station and take a skyway cable car ride, with the sky above you and the tropical rainforest below, ride up to the hilltop on the longest and fastest cable car in South East Asia.

Your ride to the peak with the fastest and longest in Southeast Asia cable car

When building the Genting Skyway, no expense were spared to ensure the complete safety of the system. The 2 x 640KW power of the main drive and the 54mm diameter solid cable wire also makes it one of the most powerful and strongest monocable gondola installation in the world. The entire system with high-tech electronic equipment was built in accordance with stringent Swiss regulations and it has a double safety circuit completely independent and absolutely fault safe.

The foundation used for the pylons is of the "Hang-dug Caisson" type. Each pylon is founded on four Caissons measuring 1.2 meters in diameter, which are socketed down to bedrock. The average depth of the Caissons is about 40 m (135 feet) and each group of four Caissons piles can take a vertical load of 4,000 tonnes against the maximum vertical load of 150 tonnes from the cable car system. The Caissons method is about the safest and strongest foundation in existence, designed specifically for hilly terrain. Each pylon is accessible via rescue tracks on the ground, whilst each gondola is equipped with radio communication equipment from the stations.

The Genting Skyway will not only further enhance the international fame of Genting Highlands Resort but will also place Malaysia as a famous location for one of the most modern cable car system.

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