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Otak Otak
Otak Otak
Sweet Pan Cake
Sweet Pan Cake
Nasi Lemak

Cuisine while you travel with

If you like to eat and try local cuisine, come on and buy one of our overland trips, we will make sure you put on a kilo or so.....

South East Asian cuisine styles can be broken down into several tiny regional styles that have roots in the peoples and cultures of these regions.

Asian cuisine we refer to would be a mixture of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, and you will experience one or more in our day or overland tours.

When we say, we provide your lunch or dinner, we mean local cuisine which carries anything from Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian Cuisines are found in one roof, let us take you there!, which include satay, roti, rojak, gado-gado, noodles (laksa / curry / soup / fried and etc.), chicken rice, clay pot rice, nasi goreng, beef or chicken rendang, tom yam, cendol and much more.

Almost all cuisine provided are based on, as we drive through small towns / villages, as and when we see something authentic or we feel you should experience, we stop by.

Come and experience Malaysian Cuisine, and we will make sure you feel like Michael Palin....., choose any one of the tours lined up in Day Excursions or Overland Tour or Customize your Travel

Please take note, customization your meals are not available in any joint or Sit in Coach tours.

If you still have any doubt about our cuisine, please send us your Question/s via online Enquiry form and we are glad to answer them a.s.a.p.

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