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Things to do in Kuala Lumpur - Kuan Ti (Guan Ti) Temple

Kuan Ti Temple

Kuan Ti (Guan Ti) Temple

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Kuan Ti (Guan Ti) Temple

The Kuan Ti (Guan Ti) temple, which was completed in 1888, is dedicated to the Chinese God of War and Literature. It should be noted that Kuan Ti is worshipped primarily for his heroic, loyal and righteous character, not for being war-like.

The origin of this temple comes from one of China’s greatest warriors known as General Kwan, Guan Di or Guan Yu. He was given the title of ‘God of War’ and many had chosen to worship him due to his excellent fighting and war skills.

Also known as Guan Di Temple, on the altar in front of the statue of Guandi (also called Guan Gong or Guan Yu) is guan dao and guan jie – a famous sword and spear. Deified in the Sui Dynasty (580-618 AD), devotees believe that Guandi’s weapons have special powers and that they will be blessed by ‘touching’ or ‘lifting’ the 59kg copper guan dao three times.

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