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FRIM Rainforest

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia is an agency of the Government of Malaysia. It all began in 1925 when the Regent of Selangor approved the Forest Research Institute to be established in the part of the forest that was stripped for vegetable farming and mining activities at Kepong. Before all this started, Messrs. McCartney and Whitty carried out a plane-table survey and decided that the old mining land of 1500 acres could be transformed into a forest school or a place for experimental plantations. True enough, in 1926, Dr. F. W. Foxworthy was appointed as the 1st forest researcher. He started building the first forest nursery that was completed in 1929 and an experimental plantation.

By 1929, a main office building, housing laboratories, library, herbarium and staff quarters was also built. The research activities carried out included chemistry, silviculture, botany, economy and zoology. The main office building that stands today was built in 1951. During the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945, Forest research Institution was known as the Ringyo Shikenjyo. On the 1st of October 1985, the Forest Research Institute became autonomous under the Malaysian Forestry Research and Development board and was renamed Forest Research Institute Malaysia.

FRIM Attractions


Canopy Walkway

Constructed in 1992, the canopy walkway is 300 metres above sea level that was used for scientific study of flora and fauna. It is 150 metres long and is suspended between the trees, 30 metres above the ground. From the walkway, you not only get up close and personal with the trees but you also get a stunning view of the forest and Kuala Lumpur area from a distance. A private nature guide will lead you and explain to you all about the trees during this walk.

Nature Activities

For all those bird lovers, FRIM is the perfect place for you to bird watch. With a total of 182 species of birds of the total 742 species of birds in Malaysia, FRIM is considered to be highly diversified with birds. You can also cycle or mountain bike at FRIM. For normal cycling, use the designated road but for those who are experienced mountain bikers can use one of the several trails established in 2009. If you prefer going for jogs in the mornings or evenings in natural ambience, FRIM is open from 7 am to 6:30 pm.

Nature Trails -

There are 5 trails in FRIM including:

Nature & Wildlife Highlights

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