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Farmers Markets

One of the popular tourists’ spots are the countless markets selling the local farm produce. These local produce markets can be found everywhere in Cameron Highlands even at the sides on the main roads. A few of the famed markets are:

Kea Farm Market

This market is an open-air market where you can shop till you drop for fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and delicious snacks as it is like one big vegetable market garden. It is located about 2km away from Brinchang town and is open from the early morning to the late evening. Besides freshly plucked vegetables, strawberries, sweet corn, honey and other delicious greens, there are also locally grown flowers like roses, dried flowers, colourfully grafted cacti, and potted plants. As you walk through the market, many vegetable sellers will call out to you promoting their products with tempting offers. The experience here will give you a slight taste of Malaysia.

Night Markets

There are two famous night markets in Cameron Highlands. The Brinchang Night Market and the Tanah Rata Night Market. The Brinchang Night Market takes place just opposite the police station. The Tanah Rata Night Market is much smaller than the Brinchang one, but it has most of the same things. One of the best ways to experience Malaysian local culture is by going to the night market, locally known as the pasar malam, that lights up the streets at night. A bargain-hunter's paradise, the pasar malam employs an open-air concept, where street vendors take over a stretch of road or street and peddle their wares along it. The best part about the night market is that it not only sells the local produce and souvenirs but also delicious local food.

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