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Mount Brinchang

This is the highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands area that can be accessed by car, situated at the Perak-Pahang border. It is one of the few mountains in Malaysia where its summit can be reached by road, therefore, due to its easy accessibility, this mountain enjoys many visitors all year round. In fact, the road leading to the summit of this mountain is also the highest road in Peninsular Malaysia. The observation tower at the summit enables tourists to enjoy the breathtaking view of Titiwangsa Mountains from the summit.

Mount Brinchang (Gunung Brinchang) is the second highest mountain in Cameron Highlands (after Gunung Irau) at 2001 meters above sea-level. The highest tarmac road in Malaysia leads up to the top, but its condition may be haphazard due to elements (repairs are carried out from time to time). When not assailed by heavy mist, the watchtower at the peak provides an incredible view of towns, valleys and mountains stretching towards the horizon. This makes Gunung Brinchang a popular viewpoint for visitors to admire the scenery and landscapes of Cameron Highlands. The fabled Mossy Forest also grows near the highest elevation point, with a boardwalk to explore this fascinating biotope.

Cameron Highlands Highlights

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