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Mossy Forest

The mossy forest is a natural environment that grows only at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands and other mountain ranges across Malaysia. At such heights, low-level clouds in the sky, driven by winds, blanket the forests with constant mist and moisture, creating an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, lichen and orchids. This moist tropical evergreen forest is also a rich repository for a unique set of montane creatures, encompassing insects, snakes, frogs, birds and mammals - that thrive nowhere else but in this chilly atmosphere. Visitors can explore the mossy forest through a boardwalk that begins 2km before the peak of Mount Brinchang.

The series of wooden platforms winds for about 150m through the mossy forest but is slippery and missing a few planks. Tread carefully as you explore this strange environment, filled with oak trees with stunted stumps, wrinkled leaves and gnarled branches that clump together, forming dense crowns that protrude furiously from the ground like mushrooms. As you turn around, look at the rich layers of moss that drape the tree trunks and buttresses, infusing them with a soft, green appearance.

Meanwhile, vines, orchids, pitcher plants and other fascinating epiphytes hang loosely from the canopy, perched silently on branches and stems in this chillingly quiet labyrinth. Venturing below the boardwalk to step on the forest floor, visitors will soon discover its moist peat-like texture, each step leaving deep water-filled imprints on the soil. At the end of the walk, a trail starts towards Gunung Irau, the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands.

Cloud forests, also sometimes called fog forests:

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