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Vegetable Farms

The main activity in Cameron Highlands beside tourism is agriculture. Many of the vegetables supplied all around Malaysia and Singapore are grown in Cameron Highlands as the cool weather influences the growth of many varieties of vegetables. You will be able to see many vegetable farms everywhere while travelling around Cameron Highlands. Some farms are carved right onto the sheer slopes to maximize the land usage. To create a panoramic view, the farms are terraced tidily on the hillsides. Most of these vegetable farms allow you to walk in and look around.

Nowadays people are very health conscious, therefore some farmers have shifted their agriculture to organic farming. Organic farming basically means that no pesticide or artificial fertilizers are used. One of the places where you can buy organic vegetables is at the Cameron Organic Produce Sdn. Bhd. You can also visit their organic farm where you will be able to see the various process of organic farming.

There is also a Hydroponic Vegetable Farm in Cameron Highlands that started in 1990. Hydroponics simply means growing plants without soil. Food for the plants, called hydroponic nutrient, hydroponics nutrients, fertilizer for soilless gardening, or plant food, are dissolved in water and fed directly to the roots automatically. Plants form smaller roots and grow in inert grow media for example gravel, sand, water or even air. Hydroponic vegetables are healthy, vigorous and consistently reliable. Gardening is clean and extremely easy, requiring very little effort. To be truly amazed, you need to see it for yourself.

Cameron Highlands Highlights

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