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Ringlet Town

Ringlet Town is a very 1st station when you depart to Cameron Highlands using Tapah road. It is one of hub of Malaysia's local vegetable farm and international flower farm too.

Nestling the borders of Pahang and Perak provinces are the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's most popular hill station destination. It is actually an area of tremendous natural beauty, encompassing tea farms, vegetable fields, flower gardens and challenging hiking trails with rushing waterfalls. It also finds tremendous favor with many budget travelers because of its cool climate which is in stark contrast to the hot, humid weather in most parts of the region.

Because of its cool climate, many different crops can be grown in the area that could not be ordinarily harvested in the country. These include carrots, cabbages, strawberries, chili, durian, tea and even many types of fresh flowers. Flowers, in particular, are a main attraction for Malaysians and prior to many festivals including the Hindu Deepavali, many come here to buy flowers and then resell them in KL. Malaysia also produces a fair amount of renowned teas, all of which come from this area. This provides tourists a rare opportunity to see the plantations and witness the actual picking and processing. The tea plantations also provide an awe-inspiring view as you go up the hill.

Furthermore, the Cameron area is heavily populated by indigenous peoples (Orang Asli) so it's a rare opportunity to actually see how these people live. Quite a number do live on the sides of the road, many selling cassava, flowers, durians and much more.

With Cameron Highlands' varied natural landscape, visitors often find themselves here for several days, using their time as an opportunity to wind down and relax, swap travel stories in the homely guesthouses and do some light trekking. At the same time, because of the steep climb and mountainous terrain, the ride to and from the area is one of the great thrill rides in all of Peninsular Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands Highlights

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